Once you have graphics that adequately establish your brand, and consider your content well defined including SEO keyword research we should consider the next steps in creating your website.

Website – choose architecture – consider maintenance

Choose An Architecture

What is website architecture?

It is an approach to the planning and design of your website that also includes functional considerations. For instance, a simple site with minimal changes anticipated on a regular cycle might be a good choice for design using Dreamweaver and implemented in html. More complex sites that anticipate the use of blog or social media engagement on a regular basis are likely to be good candidates for a CMS or Content Management System such as WordPress.

How does architecture impact your choices for a website?

CMS based systems employ databases to store the content that viewers read on your site. These types of systemic approaches tend to be somewhat more rigid in design. Themes and templates drive the delivery of content stored in the database and deliver it on the page for viewers to read. Websites without a CMS have fewer constraints and can be more flexible in the delivery of content because it is ‘hard-coded’ into the page.

Consider Maintenance

How will maintenance considerations make a difference in the life of your website?

The larger the site, and the more frequent additions to content are, the more likely I would recommend using a CMS. If your goals are modest and your content limited, then perhaps a CMS would be ‘overkill’. The number one thing that you should consider is how often will a ‘redesign’ be considered? The lifetime of any website design averages 2 or 3 years. The CMS has a clear advantage when it comes to redesign, because choosing a new theme or template is generally very simple and extremely fast. If your site is ‘hard coded’ then new design elements must be coded around the embedded content making the process a more lengthy undertaking. The more content you have, the more that means repeating the process over and over for each page and increasing the workload and cost.

Are you ready to get started on your website?

Just tell me about your graphics, and the status of your content so we can get going right away:

Perhaps you already have a website and just need help finding customers? The next step would be all about Marketing your website.