Search Engine Optimization or SEO is often overlooked until Graphics, Content and Website are launched. If that has happened to you don’t despair, we can still get it done. If you are still in the planning stages, then finding the right keywords will guide everything we do and your site will be search enabled and optimized when it launches.

SEO – enable search -optimize keywords

Enable Search

What does it mean to ‘Enable Search’?

There are several facets beginning with whether or not your site can be crawled by search bots. Once the site is accessible, it will be mapped; guided by a sitemap that provides an expectation of the structure your site is built around, and the navigational elements provided. In addition, meta tags and descriptions will provide the substance both search bots and your clientele will need to consume your data.

Optimize Keywords

Optimizing keywords sounds intimidating, should I worry?

There is no reason to worry, it is a combination of tags and content that work together to validate each other to provide a search result. The tag information is not generally visible on the page, but it is visible to the search bots and may be used as a description provided to search users who need to visually validate that the results are relevant to their expectations. The search description is often referred to as a snippet or an excerpt of your content that appears on the search result page. There are also elements of repetition that need to be ascertained. Too much repetition is bad, too little is not good, and miss-matches between focus keywords and content are nearly the same as non-existent. It’s important to get the blend just right, and these things tend to change over time as search engines alter their algorithms to provide better results.

I should also mention that no one should guarantee your appearance in search results. You want to make sure not to be involved with organizations or persons who do. You want your search results to be based on honest and well-intentioned data that will not mislead anyone to view your page just for the sake of ‘scoring hits’ otherwise you may see penalties or do more harm than good.

Tell me about your site and I’ll let you know what it will take to get you on track:

If you are ready for your audience, lets move on to Marketing your website!

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