Graphic design is the core element of your identity. The creation of graphics that will represent your ideology and express your style is often the first step for any new business. It may also be the most challenging part of getting started, but if you achieve this objective you will have established a brand that you can be proud of.

Graphics – create identity – express your style

Create Your Identity

Advertising should always include branding elements such as logos or trademarks. Branding elements make instant recognition portable across advertising channels. Slogans or tag lines are written snippets of information that also help create brand and enhance the message that goes along with your identity.

Express Your Style

Business cards, letterhead and other printed collateral are critical business components that should never be overlooked as a way to create recognition in the course of doing business. Brochures, door hangers and direct mail are also great ways to distribute your message and create a voice in your community.

Consider where you are along this path, does your brand have all the elements you hoped for? Have you received feedback or comments that make you question whether your logo and other collateral is helping send the right message?

To see some examples of graphic design (other than the graphics on this site) please see the graphics portfolio here or see my art site at Seattle Art Loft.

If you are content with your branding, let’s move on and explore content to measure how to tell your story and sell your product or service.