A full service approach involves a contract commitment for a fixed investment each month. I’ll allocate attention to each area of your online presence so you’ll get the best value for your expenditure.

Examine your building blocks

Consider where you’re at in terms of Graphic DesignContent Development, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization,  Internet Marketing and Analytics. If you are focused on only one building block element, there are more specific questionnaires on each individual link. For the full service approach, check the boxes in the form below where you feel there is room for improvement or if you’re at the beginning and need something new.

Share your goals

Please describe your situation and expectations as clearly as possible. What do you think works in your current situation, and what doesn’t, as it relates to these building blocks? Share your current website, or social media links so that I’ll have the appropriate visual clues.

After requesting a Full Service Estimate, return here to complete  your subscription and specify the budget option we discussed.

Budget Options