Before creating a website, you should be prepared to tell your story. While evaluating your content, I will also research the keywords that should be part of the story. Success is more than simply trying to sell a product or service, and including SEO in the evaluation will definitely help. It’s all about creating a conversion funnel and telling your story in a way that guides readers toward the conclusion that you have exactly what they need.

Content – tell your story – sell a product or service

Tell Your Story

What should My story say?

Do you have a long and interesting company history? Are you a new start up? Do you have a strong mission statement? Are you engaged with community services or give to local charities? Do you have employees with phenomenal skills? Will your product or service change the world or make your community a better place? Does your company have awards or team sports that you’re proud of? All of these can play a role and provide meaningful dialogue with your clientele.

Sell A Product or Service

To see some examples of content development see the Content Portfolio here.

Describe your product or service and explain how you set yourself apart from competitors:

Once we’ve evaluated your story and described your product or service you’ll be ready to create a website.