Content Portfolio

The written word is the greater part of content, while graphics and design are the remainder. The Content Portfolio will focus solely on the written elements because there is a Graphics Portfolio for the rest.

Website Content

For starters, consider the pages of this website. The message is focused, the graphics are simple and pertinent, the style emphasises creating custom content with the tools of the trade. Taken in total, the content here expresses how to assemble the constituent parts of a living, breathing website. The content drives the viewer to lead generation forms for each service offered.

Next, consider the written pages of my Art Portfolio site – Seattle Art Loft. Each art image has a page of content written about it, covering where it is from, what it is about, how it was produced, and where the items can be obtained for art collections and enthusiastic supporters. The content creates a funnel driving the viewer to either visit and see the art in person, or to visit the ecommerce site at RedBubble to make a purchase.

Newsletter Campaigns

Newsletters have similar elements to most web pages. Commonly a header, headline, article(s), call(s) to action, and a footer. Depending on the frequency of each newsletter, it can range from the minimum in the previous list, to something resembling a multi-page virtual brochure. Pages of course, are served vertically by scrolling down.

Hotel Nexus Sports SpectacularHotel Nexus Sports Spectacular -this example is hosted as a website on a Customer Relationship Management service (CRM) called Z-Direct. At 860 words in total, it defies a full thumbnail preview, as do most web pages.

This case study is an example of editorial and project management. The newsletters for this company are conceived and calendared by a team on a monthly pace. The content is contracted to an author with travel industry expertise. I conducted the editorial review and modifications, integration of the content with the responsive design including the graphic call to action elements, links and other extensive standard content required to brand the hotel.

This piece has a primary offer (SPORTS),  three sports related call to action offers (NFL, MLS, MLB), and standard amenities listing with links to restaurant and hotel web pages.

Print Brochures

Each printing project comes with a bewildering set of options like Bifold, Trifold, Accordion, Gatefold etc. The number of ink colors to be used, the method of reproduction or type of printing press can influence the design based on their inherent limitations.

Moai Trifold Brochure

Moai Trifold Brochure -this example is hosted on my art portfolio site: Seattle Art Loft in the graphic design section.

This case study is a writing example that uses a Microsoft Word template for the basic design. I wrote the piece directly into the document and replaced the stock images with original photography and imagery of my own. It addresses the cultural and linguistic explanations necessary for a U.S. audience to appreciate the unique aspects of this remote South Pacific island and the art produced there. It evolved from the frequent questions I received during gallery showings and interactions with these audiences.

This piece has a cover introducing the series, an interior panel explaining the goals and results of research, an interior telling the story, indicating pricing and calls to action. On the back cover is a snippet from the artist’s statement and contact information.

On-site portfolio examples are available in two parts: Graphics Portfolio | Content Portfolio. Additional examples are available on two more sites: Seattle Art Loft | Red Bubble.