Target Traffic

Analytics reports and insightful discussion of the results will yield an evolving action plan. If we’ve targeted your traffic by generating inbound links we can discuss traffic reports to see which ones produce visible results. Even more importantly we can follow reports to indicate which pages are the most popular, and which create the desired result and generate either leads or conversions.

Analytics -target traffic – track conversions

Track Conversions

How can I tell if my marketing is working?

We’ll discuss which pages are producing the expected results, and which ones less successfully Track Conversions. If we’ve targeted your traffic by budgeting Paid Search or Display Advertising, we’ll have reports to discuss which keywords were successful and which sites with ads produced results.

Let me know if you’d find this information more useful in weekly, monthly or quarterly reporting:

If we haven’t done Marketing for your site yet, let’s review each step and find the most effective way to make your business succeed.