My educational background is deep in Art & Design. On the way to my bachelor's degree I found a natural affinity with the technical process of printmaking. This had an impact on my exposure to computers which are technical in an entirely different way. Maybe this is a case of just being able to embrace complexity?

At any rate, I've had experience working in graphic design and eCommerce for different companies in addition to freelance gigs and short term contract work. I've worked on projects for vitamin companies, tech start ups,  hospitality and construction, companies with an engineering focus, small companies from restaurants and caterers to olive oil importers.

Through it all I've enjoyed exploring the possibilities and feel grateful to be given the opportunity to make a difference.



A Conversion Funnel Approach

The endgame for any building block service is to provide a contribution toward your next transaction. Your transaction might be collecting data for a qualified lead. It could be selling a product from online inventory or subscription to a service. You could even have different conversion metrics for different departments within your organization. Whatever your business model, there is a metric to measure online success.

Next Steps...

Let's begin by examining each individual building block and perform an assessment. Are you ready to build a conversion engine that will drive your success into the future?